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Is Neutrogena Animal Cruelty Free

This brand, just like its parent company johnson & johnson, does test on animals as required by the law. This means that the brands on our list have confirmed that no animal testing is performed on their finished products or ingredients during production, either by their company, their suppliers, or any third parties.

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They will be added to my list of brands that test on animals.

Is neutrogena animal cruelty free. Time has come to make cruelty free switches from. Neutrogena products are sold in mainland china where animal testing is required by law. So let’s take a look at why this is.

Peta has categorised the company as one that tests on animals and products are sold in china. Neutrogena has a wide range of products that are sold all over the world. A product can be entirely free of animal ingredients — yet still not be truly vegan because it is tested on animals.

We infused it with hibiscus extract, to help in brightening skin and leaving it looking pepped up.” World’s no.1 dermatologist recommended brand, neutrogena, is not a cruelty free brand. The company has chosen to follow the testing policies of its parent company johnson & johnson.

In the policy that they have released on animal testing, the phrasing that they use is slightly misleading. Brands who fall under this category could also be selling products where animal testing is required by law. As with their parent company johnson and johnson, they permit animal testing in markets in which it is legally required.

Depending on your motivation for becoming a vegan, you may also be concerned about the environmental impact of the products you buy. They may test on animals, either themselves, through their suppliers, or through a third party. No, neutrogena products are not vegan.

It’s also the number 1 recommended skincare brand by dermatologists. Even though they claim to not test on animals, they choose to sell in a country that requires imported cosmetics to be tested on animals.

learn about Neutrogena and animal testing.

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